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Happy New YearHappy New Year everybody!


I hope you had a good  Christmas, and that Father Christmas was good to you. I must have been pretty good this past year, because I got plenty of really good stuff. That came as a bit of a surprise. And, no, not because I haven’t been good (I know that’s what you were thinking! Naughty, naughty!!), but because I didn’t have a list or anything, so I didn’t really expect much.


It just goes to show, “Good things come to those who…don’t ask for them”, I suppose!


Slow Down, 2014!


Well, this is a bit of a belated New Year’s greeting, since it’s already the middle of March. I don’t know about wondering where 2013 went, but where’s 2014 going???? That can only mean one thing – time to get cracking and make the most of this year to get where you and I want to be, which, for me, is a working at making a  LOT more progress than I made last year.


I started last year out with some great goals and a lot of enthusiasm, but, yet again, got side-tracked, took detours and just lacked focus yet again. I was planning on getting into product creation in a serious way and also ramping up my Amazon affiliate efforts. I did do some work on both of those, but nowhere near enough and what I did didn’t result in much of anything. Yes, I got a few Amazon affiliate sales, but I think Donald Trump’s spot on the World’s Wealthiest is in no danger of being challenged by me!


Overcoming setbacks


The other major setback during 2013 was, of course, the death of my Dad, Horace. I wrote a post about that, so you may already know about that. But, just to sum up, my Dad (who was 88, by the way, so he had a good run) was constantly battling ill health, but he seemed to somehow manage to win each battle and keep going, so  that was good. But, he fell one day and broke his hip and never really recovered.


I took several trips back home to England to check on my Dad and help him out where I could, and made my last trip towards the end of June, when my Dad passed away on June 21st. We lost my Mum in 2007 and my Dad was devastated and just wanted to be reunited with her and my brother, Terry, and now he is, so we know he’ll be happy again.


A New Year Means New Goals and Opportunities


But, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. A marketer I know and trust made a tremendous offer as far as offering personal guidance to achieve success online. The price seemed ridiculously cheap for what he was offering, so I dove in, head first. He recommended getting into the offline sector, that being one of the easier ways to start seeing some success, so that’s what I decided to do.


I’ve got to say offline marketing really appeals to me. It’s not necessarily about being a technical wiz or anything – it’s more about knowing a lot of basic common sense that can help local businesses achieve better results and more success. Yes, you need to know some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, but even then that mainly revolves around finding a few less competitive keywords or phrases (more often than not longtail (3 or more words) keywords) that the client’s site can rank for fairly easily. I should point out that I’m talking about working with local businesses here, and that ranking for local keywords is a lot easier, competition wise, than non-local.


The Writer’s Life


Another skill I’ve taken a lot of interest in developing is copywriting. Copywriting is the skill of writing various types of text from blog posts to white papers and everything in between. The area of copywriting that appeals to me most of all though is writing sales or direct response copy. Direct response is written to elicit an immediate response from the prospect, whether that’s a sale, a sign-up for a newsletter or subscription or some other action desired by the person or business making the offer. 


You see, I love writing, so I want to do something that allows me to incorporate that and copywriting seems to fit the bill.  I can also use that in the offline world, because a lot of small businesses need copy written due to the fact they either don’t have the time or staff or both to create content themselves.


So, there it is. It’s a New Year (albeit a couple of months old now) and it’s time for me to make my mark, so watch this space for updates on my progress and, of course, tips and information to help you on your way as well.


What’s New With You?


What’s 2014 got in store for you? I’d love to hear from you and see what your plans are for this year, so please leave a comment and let’s get a conversation going.


And don’t forget to share this with friends and colleagues you think might enjoy reading it.


Here’s to a great 2014 for you,


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