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How was your weekend? I hope it was good and that you enjoyed a couple of days free from the daily weekday grind. I’ve got to say mine was EXTREMELY busy, but in a REALLY good way.


This last weekend I attended Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s Traffic and Conversion Summit up in San Francisco. If you don’t know who Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher are, just search for their names in your favourite browser, and you’ll soon see that they are 2 of the most respected names in internet marketing.

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Let the show begin


The conference lasted 3 days (Friday, January 18th to Sunday, January 20th.), and started at 8 a.m. each day. I decided to take the train the first day, since it was a weekday and since I knew the traffic would be terrible. So, SUPER tired but ULTRA excited, I dragged myself out to the railway station to catch the 6:45 a.m. train to 4th and Townsend station in San Francisco.


The conference was being held at the Marriott Marquis hotel, about a mile from the station. It was a nice morning in The City (as people in this area refer to it), so I took a brisk walk up 4th Street to the hotel, also on 4th, just south of Market, with a stop at Peet’s on the way (can’t beat a hefty shot of Peet’s to start the day!).


I got there and met up with Chaim, my accountability partner in Alex Jeffrey’s Inner Circle. Chaim and I had chatted over the phone weekly for a while, trying to keep each other accountable for our businesses, but we’d never met in person before, so it was great putting a face to the name finally. He’d come from Las Vegas, and just flew in REALLY early that morning, so was feeling pretty tired.


Friday morning session


The first session started out with Ryan Deiss, one of the organisers, discussing what he expects the future to hold. He predicts the “Channelisation of Everything”, resulting in businesses being run through niche channels, and the “Dollar Store Mentality”, in which consumers purchase lots of small items and we as business owners need to provide the tools to make the overall experience as simple as possible for them via 1-click shopping, free shipping, etc.


Next up was the keynote speaker of the day, none other than William “Captain Kirk” Shatner! Wow, talk about excitement boost! The pulse of the place just about went through the roof, and, as a life-long Star Trek fan (and, no, I’m not a Trekkie!), this was worth the price of admission by itself. But, the bonus was that the next hour or so that Mr. Shatner was on stage proved to be not only interesting but also enlightening as he talked (in a mini-panel format flanked by Ryan Deiss and his co-conspirator, Perry Belcher) about building his brand and his years marketing Priceline.com (did you know their shares are at nearly $700 per share? No, neither did I – in fact, Chaim and I were convinced he’d lost his marbles, but, after checking online, we verified what he said. Turns out Mr. Shatner could have been a billionaire today, except he sold his Priceline shares when they hit rock bottom after the Dotcom bust!).


At the break, Chaim and I met up with Alyssa, another member of the AJIC, whom I was meeting for the first time also. Again, nice to put a face to the name.


The final session  of the morning was titled “Post Panda SEO”, presented by Eric Lancheres, who gave out some great tips on how to Google-proof web sites. Here are a few of the tips he shared that you can also implement to safeguard against future Google shenanigans:

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These tips alone could improve your site’s performance in Google’s eyes considerably. Great session – thanks for the tips, Eric!


Friday afternoon session


The first session of the afternoon was “List Banking”, presented by Ryan Deiss and Chris Oyolokor, all about building a marketer’s greatest asset, a list. They discussed the need to determine leading performance indicators (LPI), competitive analysis to see what’s working and getting leads for competitors, testing banners, etc., pruning and weeding out what is and isn’t working, and then optimising for improved performance. Once all this has been done, the results should be used on other web sites to improve their results also.


The final session on Friday was called “Traffic Hacks”, and was basically a panel hosted by Perry Belcher, in which each panelist presented an idea for a different method of getting traffic to sites. The topics ranged from Facebook to YouTube, solo ads to PPC, and a whole lot more. I’ve got to admit, one or 2 of them went well over my head, but hopefully they weren’t lost on everybody.


So, that was it – Day 1 in the books and a great day it was as well. I think we learned a lot about traffic and various traffic-getting methods, which is vitally important, of course. This made me think of a traffic course that came out towards the end of last year and that was superb. I’m talking about John Thornhill’s “Simple Traffic Solutions” course. I picked this course up towards the end of last year and learned a TON of stuff. John’s a great teacher and he explains just about every method of getting traffic there is and then has separate modules devoted to implementing the various methods. The amount of detail is amazing, and I’d advise you to at least take a look at the course and decide for yourself by clicking the following link to access the most comprehensive course on traffic I’ve ever come across.


I’ll be back with details on how Day 2 went next. In the meantime, leave your comments below and hit any of the “share” buttons to spread the good word.




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