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Day 2 (Saturday) dawned, and it was even harder for me to get out of bed and get going! Nothing to do with any lack of excitement over the conference – today is going to be about conversions, and that’s definitely something to get excited about! – just plain old tiredness. But, today being Saturday and an easier day, traffic-wise (well, that combined with the fact the first train didn’t leave til 7:30 a.m. – far too late to make it to the first session in time), I’d decided to drive up to the conference (about 50 miles north of where I live, San Jose).

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but, even armed with a stiff shot of Starbuck’s Holiday Blend coffee, I was REALLY sleepy driving up there, but made it without too much trouble. But, now the fun begins – finding parking that doesn’t cost more than our monthly mortgage – and I’m talking PER HOUR, here! Actually, I cheated – I found a garage online not too far from the conference and pre-booked it, since it seemed reasonable at $24 for the day.


It turned out to be a bit further from the conference than I thought, so I was a bit late arriving. Drat! That means I missed out on the chance to win an iPad – everybody there for the start at 8 a.m. had a chance to win one of those coveted gizmos. Now I’m depressed (just kidding)!



I grabbed a seat near the back for the first session, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher covering “Conversion Hacks”. Chaim and Alyssa were there and had saved me a seat near the front, but I didn’t want to disturb everybody trying to get to the seat they were saving me, so I just stayed where I was. Such a nice chap, I know!


First item to be discussed was testing, and the key metrics involved, such as opt-in rate, conversion rate, etc. Next was some really interesting stuff about “Impact Points” and how to increase the success rate of these. Impact points are defined as:


  • The Open
  • The Click
  • The Opt-In
  • Conversion


They showed an example of how dramatic an effect increasing the success rates of these points can have on your business. All well and good, but now I was really chomping at the bit and wondering just HOW to do that. Patience, my man! Ryan and Perry won’t let you down.


And, sure enough, they went into a discussion on how to go about improving these metrics, providing methods for each particular impact point:


  • Increasing the Open Rate – it’s all about the subject line, because nothing happens until an email is opened. Here are proven types of subject lines:
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  • Increasing the Click Rate – the important factors here are send times, link placement and image placement:          
      1. Send time – best time = 4 am CST (US Central Standard Time); best days = Tuesday-Thursday; here’s a big tip – weekends are great for low dollar amount and lead-gen offers
      2. Short emails produce higher CTRs (click-through rates)
      3. Link placement – 3 links – intro, body and close/P.S.
      4. Images – at beginning and end of email


  • Increasing the Opt-in Rate
      1. Keep opt-in forms BASIC – ugly wins every time!
      2. An alternative is using ladies in bikinis or something equally revealing – tests have shown THIS WORKS! This is not some male thing; it’s actually a proven marketing statistic.


  • Increasing the Conversion Rate
      1. Statistics show that 1 in 3 customers who use the chat feature buy. Add a chat feature to your site.
      2. Customer service people are your best affiliates. They know your business and interact directly with customers – make sure they’re educating people about your products. Add a promotion as a signature to customer service emails.


That was a great session – a lot of useful and actionable info.


Sales, Sales, Sales


Next session was Perry Belcher’s “Secret Selling System”. There are 5 aspects:


  1. Targeting – this is all about knowing your customer. Create a profile of your ideal customer so you know how to promote to them.
  2. Getting leads – once you’ve identified your target audience, you need to get them on your list by offering list-building bait.
  3. Getting sales – create an irresistible offer that addresses one of the reasons people buy – gain, fear, pride, value, imitation. The sequence in the sales letter is vital – space doesn’t permit here, but Perry went through a 21 step sales presentation formula (which actually stretched to 24 steps, but who’s counting!) that was very thorough. Proof trumps all – social proof is essential. New always wins, i.e. getting to market first. Be aware of reasons people don’t buy – lack of connection, lack of confidence, wrong price, lack of urgency, no money. Always provide value and OVERDELIVER!
  4. Increase profit per sale – offer upsells. Customer is in buying frenzy – take advantage.
  5. Frequency – increase the frequency of contacts. Use social media, snail mail, telephone, events and parties. Build loyalty and continuity.

Great stuff, Perry. Thanks!

Time for lunch – a quick trip to the local mall and the food court, one of the classiest (and most expensive!) I’ve seen. Very nice.


Let’s get physical!


First session after lunch was all about ecommerce. I actually have an ecommerce web site, so this definitely intrigued me. Everything was covered, from finding a niche to validating that niche with a marketing checklist. One of the niches the presenter suggested made me giggle a bit – manscaping! Never thought of personal grooming for men quite that way – I like it.


Next up was “Mobile Voodoo”. I think we all know that mobile is the future, and this just reinforced it. Optimise landing pages, etc. for mobile, and get ready for the goldrush to come!


The last session was “Lifecycle Marketing”. There are 7 phases to the client lifecycle, namely:

  1. Know thy target client
  2. What’s your lead magnet?
  3. Nurture your prospects
  4. Convert into sales
  5. Deliver value and satisfy customers
  6. Upsells
  7. Get referrals

Wow! A long day, but a great one. One of the great features of this type of event is the ability to meet and mingle with like-minded people, and I met some great folks during the breaks and over lunch. It’s always good to network – you never know where your next JV partner may come from.


So, exhausted but exhilarated I trudged off to the parking lot and headed off back home to crash for the night, a hot cup of Starbucks coffee and KFJC for company.


See you tomorrow! But, don’t forget to leave your thoughts, comments, questions, insults (if you must!), jibes, etc., below and, love it or hate it, let your social media chums know what’s going on here.



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